Turkey Trouble

Turkey is in trouble. Bad trouble. The kind of trouble where it’s almost Thanksgiving . . . and you’re the main course. But Turkey has an idea--what if he doesn’t look like a turkey? What if he looks like another animal instead? After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever!
Noemie Minqiu · 四月 24, 2020
  • Written by: Wendi Silvano
  • Illustrated by: Lee Harper
  • Published by: Two Lions
  • Suggested grade level: 1st – 2nd

Wendi Silvano’s “Turkey Trouble” is a humorous pro-vegetarian Thanksgiving treat. (Although I’m still a a carnivore. Sorry, turkey, but you’re too tasty for me to give up…)

It’s nearing Thanksgiving Day, and Turkey is terrified. The farmer is looking for him, but Turkey decides to disguise himself as other animals on the farm, to no avail.

Finally, Turkey finds himself hiding in a vegetable garden, which gives him a wonderful idea. (Spoiler alert: he disguises himself as a pizza delivery guy and delivers a large veggie pizza for Thanksgiving.)

Needless to say, it’s Turkey’s best Thanksgiving ever.

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