The Kiss That Missed

One evening, when the King is in a hurry, his goodnight kiss to the Little Prince goes astray. After rattling around the Prince's bedroom, it flies out the window and floats into the dark forest, where it has no business to be. The King decides to do something about it. He orders the Knight to climb on his horse, ride into the forest, and bring back the kiss. But the forest is filled with spooky things that frighten both the Knight and his horse. How will they ever succeed in bringing the kiss back to the castle?
Noemie Minqiu · 4月 24, 2020

A busy king blows a kiss to his son but the kiss misses and floats off into the night. A trusty knight is dispatched to catch the kiss and follows it into the wild woods. The kiss proceeds to save him from the wild animals by floating by and saying goodnight to each of them. It even goes on to save them from a dragon who kisses the knight and his horse goodnight and sends them back home with the captured kiss. From that day on the King promises to be in less of a hurry and reads them all, from the little prince to the giant dragon a bedtime story every night.

This darling picture book is full of bright illustrations that are certain to entertain young readers. The illustrations of the forest are drawn in darker tones to indicate the danger but the forest creatures and dragon are drawn child friendly. This book would make a lovely addition to any family collection and is sure to be a favorite book read at bedtime from preschool-age children.

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