Private I. Guana

Leon the chameleon is missing! But Ace detective Private I. Guana is on the case. This engaging adventure will tickle your funny bone.
Noemie Minqiu · 4月 23, 2020
  • Written by: Nina Laden
  • Illustrated by: Nina Laden
  • Published by: Chronicle Books
  • Suggested grade level: 1st – 3rd

This is a clever story about Private I. Guana and his search to find Leon, the missing chameleon. His search takes him to all around and he ends up at the Lizard Lounge, there his case takes a turn. Will I. Guana find Leon, or will he find more? 

One really fun quality about this story is the text! It is full of puns and plays on words that kids will pick up on. All of the character’s names are clever and witty. Some examples of the puns in the story include: Liz the Lizard, Officer Croaker the bullfrog who had a habit of jumping to conclusions, and Camille the missing chameleon, Leon. The text is very fun to read aloud and the more the children read it or have it read to them, the more puns and clever plays on words they will catch on to.

This book is a clever, but easy mystery to follow. This genre is really popular amongst children. Nina Laden created a very mysterious mood throughout the story while keeping it comical. There is a twist at the end that is exciting and entertaining for children and it ends with a happily ever after for all of the characters. It is easy for the children to follow along with and it is a great book to have a few stopping points at and discuss. It is not necessarily predictable, but a few hints here and there that aren’t just coincidences, like I. Guana think, can help children figure out where Leon went missing. 

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