A Big Guy Took My Ball

时义 · 12月 10, 2019
Piggie is delighted to have found a big bouncy ball at the playground, but then some big guy takes it away. Heartbroken, she begs her very big friend, the elephant Gerard, to get it back for her. The injustice angers Gerard, and he marches across the playground, vowing, “Let’s see how big this ‘big guy’ is!” Very, very big, it turns out: The ball is in the fins of a gigantic whale. Cowed, Gerard slinks back to Piggie and confesses he chickened out. The friends are interrupted by the whale’s booming voice — thanking them for finding his little ball.
A BIG GUY TOOK MY BALL! is a smart and funny take on playground conflict with a sweet lesson even grown-ups sometimes struggle to remember. Mo Willems’ endearing Elephant and Piggie show how making negative assumptions about other people can lead to hurt feelings and worse, while the whale shows how presuming the best can lead to good things.
Willems sets off his charming illustrations with a simple white background. Varying capitalization and typeface sizes make it an especially fun and easy read-aloud for beginning readers.
  • Families can talk about how Piggie and Gerard’s assumptions lead them to misunderstand the situation. How could they have avoided all this turmoil?
  • When Gerard hears Piggie’s tearful tale, he gets angry and prepares to confront the big guy who took the ball. What else could he and Piggy have done?
  • Piggie and Gerard realize the situation looks completely different from the whale’s perspective. Parents can talk with children about empathy and considering someone else’s point of view.
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